Posted by: Bagewafa | માર્ચ 25, 2009

ગઝલ:તરસ સાચવું છું—મુહમ્મદઅલી વફા



  1. excellent
    no words to say more

  2. વાહ્….વફા સા’બ !!
    પાંચેય શેર બહુ સરસ થયાં છે.

  3. Dear Mohammadali bhai,

    Your first sher and last sher are the golden nuggets of poetry. It is hard to say which one is better! You have captured the poetic beauty in these two shares, the beginning and the end! I am sending this from DDU, Nadiad, India. Congratulations and best wishes for more such gazals.

    Professor Dinesh O. Shah, Director,
    Shah-Schulman Centre for Surface Science and Nanotechnology,
    Dharmsinh Desai University, Nadiad, Gujarat, India AND
    University of Florida
    Gainesville, Florida, USA 32611


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